Where to Watch Every Batman Movie Online in 2024

Batman has flown beyond the pages of his comic book beginnings to become one of film's most recognizable heroes. The DC character has starred in over a dozen feature-lengthed movies over the past 60 years, his cape and cowl having changed hands from one A-list actor-director team to the next. The Caped Crusader currently resides…Read more

Did Benedict Cumberbatch Just Let Slip an Avengers 5 Update?

Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch may have revealed some details about the Marvel hero's involvement in the upcoming Avengers movie. During an interview with Netflix, Cumberbatch broke down his artistic approach to some of his most popular on-screen characters. Key among Cumberbatch’s iconic roles were Sherlock Holmes in BBC’s Sherlock, Smaug in The Hobbit, and…Read more

Thelma Review

It’s a good week to be June Squibb, and to be a fan of June Squibb. The 94-year-old stage and screen veteran can be heard (if not exactly seen) in the biggest movie in the world right now – yes, that’s her as the wistful, sentient embodiment of nostalgia in Inside Out 2. Delightful as…Read more

Trigger Warning Review

Trigger Warning may sound like the title of 10 different comedians’ worst stand-up special, but it’s actually the modest combustion that results when three distinct but related types of action thrillers collide in one Netflix movie. It’s partly an airport-novel-style, Jack Reacher-y story about a military-trained badass taking on a nefarious conspiracy and a small…Read more